How to say ” check, please” in Thai language

Even you are a short-term traveler, you need eat something in Thailand. And if you eat something in the restaurants, you have to pay money. 

Then how we say ” check please” in Thai language.

chek bin  เช็คบิลล์ (chek bin)

gep tan  เก็บตังค์ (kèp taŋ)

kit ngun  คิดเงิน (kʰít ŋən)

These are popular phrases and meanings are “check”.


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chek bin – เช็คบิลล์  chek bin

chek bin เช็คบิลล์ came from check bill in English, so English speakers can use this phrase easily.

Some consonants will change their sound when they come the end of word.

And the sounds “L” from bill change to “N” based on the rule of Thai language.

And you also should say “K” from chek with a small voice, then you can pronounce like Thai natives.


gep tan – เก็บตังค์  kèp taŋ

gep tan เก็บตังค์ can be separated “เก็บ kèp” and “ตังค์ taŋ”

gep เก็บ(kèp) ⇒ storage

tan ตังค์(taŋ) ⇒ money

storage money ⇒ check bill 


kit ngun – คิดเงิน kit ŋən

kit ngun คิดเงิน also can be separated into 2.

kit คิด(kʰít) ⇒ think

ngun เงิน(ŋən) ⇒ money

think about money ⇒ check bill


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Use “check please” depends on situation

I told you 3 different phrases, then how we should use them?

chek bin เช็คบิลล์ (chek bin)  is an omnipotent phrase but normally can be used in decent restaurants.

It means that some people cannot understand this word’s meaning when we go to countryside in Thailand, because this word came from English. So, to the contrary, we had better to use gep tan เก็บตังค์ (kèp taŋ)  in countrysides.

On the other hand, native Thai speakers normally don’t use gep tan เก็บตังค์ (kèp taŋ) in the fancy restaurants. But there are no clearly distinguishment, so if they cannot understand with chek bin, use gep tan next.


By the way, “เงิน ŋən” and “ตังค์ taŋ” has same meaning so we can replace them.

คิดเงิน(kʰít ŋən) ⇒ คิดตังค์(kʰít taŋ)

เก็บตังค์ (kèp taŋ)  ⇒ เก็บเงิน(kèp ŋən)


Use “duai” like native Thai

As I told you, you can pay money saying only “chek bin”. But if you use with duay ด้วย(dûay), you look like a native Thai speaker.

duay ด้วย(dûay)is one of the most frequently appearing words, and in this case,

chuay ~ duai ช่วย~ด้วย ⇒ Please do ~

And this is remove chuay version.

If you want to know more about duay, refer to How to use “duay ด้วย “


chek bin duai เช็คบิลล์ด้วย  (chek bin dûay)

gep tan duai เก็บตังค์ด้วย (kèp taŋ dûay)

Now you can check like native Thai speakers!

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